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No.1 foreign trade sales
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, College English Test 4 lever(cet-4) or above, able to communicate with customers smoothly, proficient in office software.
2. More than 2 years B2B foreign trade sales experience, skilled in import and export trade process, sales experience related to smart home, mobile phone digital accessories is preferred.
3. Market research, information collection, customer demand analysis, industry information collection, analysis based on the intelligent control system, and provided the company with relevant basis for core product sales;
4. Responsible for providing product channel planning, pricing management, profit analysis, new product release and promotion plans and other relevant plans or strategies;
5. Plan, formulate, organize, coordinate and manage all kinds of work related to interactive intelligent products, including smart home APP, power supply and other products, so as to achieve the sales target and profit target.
6. Skilled use of B2B trading platform and exhibition to develop new customers. Timely reply and deal with new and old customers' enquiries, product quotation, follow-up of delivery time, timely reply to customers' questions on product specifications and quality, and strive to promote orders and achieve the company's sales target; Timely deal with customer orders;
7. Strong sense of teamwork and good professional ethics. Integrity, independence, coordination, efficient execution, quick response and good understanding.
No.2 intelligent product engineer
1. College degree or above, major in electronic application technology or computer related; Familiar with industry safety standards and applications; Strong team spirit, able to coordinate project operation independently.
2. Familiar with the test specifications of Zigbee, wi-fi, Bluetooth and other intelligent modules; At least 2 years working experience in smart home, smart security, smart electrician, wireless transmission (WIFI bluetooth, ZIGBEE LoRA Zwave) smart speaker and other products.
3. Familiar with hardware design software such as Protel, DXP/PADS/ADS, etc.
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for project development, design, certification, trial production, batch production and product handover;
2. Responsible for purchasing new materials or components, organizing relevant materials to make prototype, debugging and verification of the project and making detailed records;
3. Responsible for the problems in the debugging process, analyzing and proposing improvement plans;
4. Responsible for technical connection with hardware suppliers;
5. Responsible for product performance and quality testing, and propose improvement plans;
6. Prepare product operation instructions;
7. Provide pre-sales technical support.
No.3 foreign trade sales assistant
1. College degree or above, interested in foreign trade.
2, diligent, upright;
3. Cet-4 or above, good computer skills, trade operation certificate is preferred;
4. Familiar with trade operation procedures and relevant laws and regulations through training, and have professional knowledge in the trade field;
5. Able to contact customers, reply to customer inquiries, prepare quotations, participate in business negotiations and sign contracts through training;
6. Business trip, customer visit and exhibition.
No.4 Aliexpress Specialist
1. Simple product picture processing, preparation of product English materials, maintenance and management of English stores and personal accounts of Aliexpress, and completion of sales targets.
2. Maintain products on the shelf, make promotion plans, and make reasonable promotion copy and event planning and execution.
3. Timely reply to customers' pre-sales consultation, after-sales service, complaints and dispute settlement.
4. Communicated and coordinated with other colleagues in the company on order processing, shipping, logistics tracking, etc.
5. Maintained the favorable rating and service level of the store, made detailed sales reports and conducted sales analysis.
6. External drainage and development of potential customers. Responsible for collecting and analyzing market intelligence and developing sales plan.
7. Assist to complete other work assigned by the superior.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, cet-4 or above, good customer service awareness;
2. Customer service experience in EBAY, AMAZON, WISH and aliexpress is preferred; Can operate the entire store independently.
3. At least 1 year experience in operation, promotion and customer service of aliexpress and ebay; familiar with rules of platforms such as aliexpress and ebay; know how to avoid risks; skilled in using third-party software tools; familiar with procedures and rules of price setting, transportation, payment and after-sales dispute settlement of cross-border transaction platforms;
4. Capable of investigating, collecting and statistical analysis of product information on aliexpress and ebay market, and able to develop new products with market potential or hot sales on aliexpress ebay platform according to market demand;
5. Able to use third-party tools to analyze, track, collect, analyze, summarize, investigate and evaluate information of new products, and select target products through cost accounting to develop suppliers and control quality risks of new products;
Prepare the sales plan and purchase plan for new products and plan the product marketing and promotion plan;
6, interested in international e-commerce industry, be familiar with the B2C, C2C operation mode and process, have strong interest in B2C online store sales and work enthusiasm, have team spirit and sense of service, honest and trustworthy, work down-to-earth, strong learning ability, strain capacity, interested in electronic commerce trade and passion, with high sense of responsibility, can bear certain work pressure;
Company Platform
1. Exhibitions: Visit overseas exhibitions, Hong Kong spring and autumn exhibitions and Guangzhou exhibitions every year.
2. Network: alibaba, global resources, linkedin, Google and other network platforms.
Company advantages
1. The annual fixed turnover shall be invested in R&D, and the fixed amount shall be invested in exhibitions and other foreign trade platforms.
2. The products are powerful manufacturers integrating independent research and development, independent design, independent production and independent sales. Own patent and trademark.
1.Salary: basic salary + commission + performance + bonus + benefits. Super spacious and open superior office environment. Plenty of lunch break, the company provides a comfortable lunch lounge. Perfect insurance welfare: enjoy the insurance welfare that the country sets, include endowment insurance + birth insurance + medical treatment insurance + injury insurance + unemployment insurance.
2. Employees with outstanding performance will have their salary adjusted at least once a year, year-end bonus.Enjoy national holidays and paid leave: annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc.
3.Provide superior and comfortable office environment, good personal development space. The company gives paid leave to employees who work a certain number of hours. 4.At the same time, according to the performance will be irregular organization of travel, while working, the company organized a variety of activities, provide broad space for employees' spare time, pay attention to physical and mental health.
5. Humanized management mode, good working atmosphere, and full respect for each employee. There is huge room for development. The company provides systematic training for employees to improve their comprehensive skills and provide opportunities to attend exhibitions abroad. Provide a stage to realize your personal value, and the enterprise grows with you.
6.Flexible working hours.8 hour work week. The company CARES about the lives of its employees and enjoys afternoon tea every day. Here, you can enjoy endless snacks. And set up a tea room, dining environment is beautiful, provide the staff with refrigerator microwave oven and other living facilities, so that employees can enjoy their own safe and delicious diet.
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