Typhoon Warning in Guangdong Province

2021-08-05 10:21

                                         Track of Typhoon No. 9 "Lu Bi" in 2021


Typhoon; a type of tropical cyclone. Tropical cyclones are low-pressure vortices that occur on tropical or subtropical oceans. They are a powerful and profound "tropical weather system." According to statistics from the United States Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center, an average of 26.5 typhoons are generated each year. The month with the most typhoons is August in the Gregorian calendar, followed by July and September. In the coastal areas of our country, almost every summer and autumn are more or less affected by typhoons.
This year's No. 9 Typhoon "Lu Bi" (English name: Tropical Storm Lupit, ‎International Code: 2109, the name comes from the Philippines, meaning "cruel"), this year's No. 9 Typhoon "Lu Bi" at 08:00 on the 04th Generated on the Northwest Pacific Ocean.