Fighting against the Coronavirus,we are together

2019-12-21 15:28

Company had stablished emergency plan,taken lots of actions in advance to prevention and control epidemic.
1. Set up online and remote distance work system
2. Established company regulations to avoid coronavirus infection at work in office and factory
3. Conduct epidemic prevention training for employees in advanced.
4. Provide masks, sanitizers to all staffs and workers, measure body temperature of every staff and worker per daily schedules with records and report. Strict access control to protect staffs and workers.
5. Prepare a 14-days quarantine area for those staffs who are coming back out of Canton Province.
6. Communicating with suppliers for materials’ delivery dates. Discuss with suppliers how to prevent potential issues on raw material and cost impacts.
7. Foresee problems may be encountered with the products or service.Provide help and share information to our customers .
8.Do all our best to negotiate and work with suppliers for raw materials planning, make sure our production capacities and cost of materials on orders.